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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Hall Farm Large Lake

Wednesday Club

1st Terry Moranda 56lb 11oz
2nd Peter Green 45lb 2oz
3rd David Jones 31lb 8oz
4th Phil Whitmill 23lb 3oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

A good morning to all, fished the 2nd leg of our Weds club match at Hall Farm. The weather forecast was going to be a warm 18 degrees with a light breeze. I suppose somewhere in the UK it might have reached that but not where we were - at least it was dry. My day started off at the draw 3 from last to draw and pulled peg 2 wow its close to the car park and has a good history of large weights so I was full of hope. Started off with an 8 meter line on pole and two margins and a feeder for back up but most of my hopes were the margins. I also had my pellet wag but considered it far to windy for that. Cupped out some micros and some 4 mm pellet and in each margin a little pellet and maggots. Tried the 8 meter line but hard to get presentation so opted for my left hand margin as at least I could hold it steady. I had my first carp around 11ish about 2lb - about average stamp - then went on to pick up the odd one now and again. Got to about 3ish with 30 mins to go and I hit one of the big ones. In the blink of my eye it was in the rushes I was well hooked up but he was still on so put extra side strain on and - bang - 4th sec of the pole snapped. Finished the day with 23lbs 3oz and 4th place.

Well done to all 1st place Terry Moranda with 56lb 11oz, 2nd Peter Green with 45lb 2oz, 3rd David Jones with 31lb 8 oz and 4th Phil Whitmill with 23lb 3oz

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