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Sunday, 16 January 2022

Home Farm Small Lake

Club match

1st Gary Pickard 48lbs 13oz
2nd John Todd 31lbs 8oz
3rd Mark Halverson 19lbs 11oz

Club match
Club match

Gary's day

It was a cold and very foggy set off from B/S but thankfully the weather got much better - yes that is the sun in today's photo. A cold start with some ice on the big lake but the small lake we were on was clear.

I was on peg 6 (it was peg 8 when I was on it for the Xmas match) in the middle today and started very carefully on bomb and bread whilst I let the other swims settle after feeding a few maggots. This snared me a couple of early carp and things were looking good - time to try the long pole. John over at the other end then started catching as did a few others so it looked like it could be anyone's today. At the halfway mark John was still catching but thankfully so was I - it was a case of getting 1 carp and then needing to try another swim or a different bait for the next one whilst trying to avoid the small roach. It was good to be getting bites even from the small roach after a biteless afternoon on MBL last weekend. Towards the end of the match a few more fish started coming out with most of us getting a late carp or two. I had a steady day though managing a dozen or so carp for 48lbs and a win.

1st Gary Pickard 48lbs 13oz, 2nd John Todd 31lbs 8oz and 3rd Mark Halverson 19lbs 11oz

Photo today has John in the distance and Phil over on the far side - Mark just sneaking in from the left.

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