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Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Hunters Hall (Abbey Cross water)

Interclub (Abbey Cross) match/outing

Abbey Cross won with 42 points to Bishop's Stortford 0 points

1st Barry Cornel 5lbs 5oz
2nd John Carter 4lbs 6oz
3rd Jeff Pearson 3lbs 11oz
4th Alan Fox 3lbs 0oz

Interclub (Abbey Cross) match/outing
Interclub (Abbey Cross) match/outing

Phil's day

Morning to all, the Weds club fished its monthly match against Abbey Cross at Hunters Hall. This is going to be a short write up because it was a match of 14 anglers and 10 of us blanked - not even a bite. I was sat in the coldest bit of the lake and froze. Four people did manage to get 1 fish each all bream and 1 was in the last 2mins of the match which got him 2nd.

First and well deserved was Barry Cornel with 5lbs 5oz, 2nd John Carter with 4lbs 6oz, 3rd Jeff Pearson with 3lbs 11oz and 4th Alan Fox with 3lbs 0oz.

The end results Bishop's Stortford 0 points and Abbey Cross 42 points convincingly winning it. Pic is peg 21 - my peg for the day.

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