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Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Hunters Hall (Abbey Cross water)

Interclub (Abbey Cross)

A win for Stortford with 87 to Abbey Cross' 84 points

1st Peter Green 30lbs 7oz
2nd Bill Beeston 20lbs 11oz
3rd Tony Parker 17lbs 8oz
4th Phil Whitmill 16lbs 15oz
5th Steve Foster 14lbs 15oz

Interclub (Abbey Cross)
Interclub (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Morning to all. The Weds Club fished its monthly match against Abbey Cross at their water Hunters Hall.. It's mainly a tench and bream water with a good stock of rudd and roach - it makes a change from carp and more carp. I drew peg 15, it's a good peg but a bit exposed to the elements. I made one line on the pole at 7 metres, one along the edge of the lily beds and a feeder for a long chuck. Started off with pellet and corn on my 7 metre line with a ball of groundbait and did the same in my lily pads except added a half a cup of maggots. I first tried the feeder but couldn't settle on that so on to the lily pads for some roach and rudd on maggot. I had a dozen very small roach and quickly changed to a bigger bait (corn) for better quality roach and rudd. They soon disappeared so on to my 7 metre line on 6mm banded pellet. This got me a few more good roach then, out of the blue, my first bream of about 4lbish then that died so back to the lily pads for a spell while the groundbait I had just put in settled. Got the odd roach but it was clear they had gone not just for me but for 4 pegs around me so back out in front add got another bream and lost a bream. Then a quiet spell until I got a couple more after that just the odd bit but little else till the end. I have enjoyed my day and weighed in 16lbs 15 oz

First Peter Green with 9 bream for 30lbs 7oz, 2nd Bill Beeston with 5 bream for 20lbs 11oz, 3rd Tony Parker with 17lbs 8oz, 4th Phil Whitmill with 4 bream for 16lbs 15oz and 5th Steve Foster with 14lbs 15oz.

Today's pic is Peter Green on the platform next to me. A big well done to the Stortford lads for coming 1st points are Stortford 87 Abbey Cross 84

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