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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Malcolm Barker Lake

Wednesday Club

1st Peter Green 7lbs 7oz
2nd Colin Pegram 7lbs 4oz
3rd Terry Moranda 4lbs 8oz
4th Fred Hunt 4lbs

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Morning to all, we fished the Weds club match at Malcolm Barker. It was a lovely day weather wise after the last week and that's where it stopped. It fished rock hard. I was expecting to catch at least 6 to 8lbs of small stuff with a tench or bream but no. Started off on the pole cupping out some micro pellet and red maggots only made up the one line as its not a margin water. I had the same depth at 3 meters and at 12 meters I also had the feeder to cast to a weed bed but this never produced. Stayed on my 10 meter and 12 meter lines all day for a handsome weight of 1lb 10 oz all small stuff.

Well done to the framers 1st Peter Green with 7lbs 7oz, 2nd Colin Pegram with 7lbs 4oz, 3rd Terry Moranda 4lbs 8oz and 4th Fred Hunt with 4lbs. A special thanks to Fred for clearing John's tree and putting up the plaque. The photo is Peter Green.

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