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Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Malcolm Barker Lake

Winter League match

1st John Todd 3lbs 8oz
2nd Tony Cruci 1lbs 7oz
3rd Terry Moranda 7oz
4th David Jones 6oz

Winter League match
Winter League match

Phils day

Good morning to all, the Weds club fished the Malcolm Barker Lake for its 2nd round in our Winter League. I drew peg 3 not a good peg this time of the year but you got what you got. I made up two lines for the pole one at 14 meters and one about 10 meters, the bait of the day was red maggots and bread punch. Well that's about it as the day went really bad - the fish just were not interested at all. I ended with 3 micro perch and 4 roach for 4 oz every bite was hard fought for and I was glad the end of the day came round.

Well done to those that stuck it out which was everybody. 1st John Todd with 3lbs 8oz, 2nd Tony Cruci with 1lbs 7oz , 3rd Terry Moranda with 7oz and 4th David Jones with 6oz.

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