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Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Malcolm Barker Lake

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Abbey Cross won with 90 points to Bishop's Stortford's 58

1st Martin Adams 17lbs 14oz
2nd Peter Green 14lbs 6oz
3rd Fred Hunt 10lbs 11oz
4th Ken Farnell 7lbs 5oz
5th Phil Whitmill 5lbs 4oz

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)
Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Hi all, fished the Weds interclub match against Abbey cross on the Malcolm Barker Lake.

The weather conditions was a bit iffy but at least it stayed dry long enough to get set up. I drew peg 6 - not a bad peg but it had got very weedy and it made it very difficult to fish. Started off making up two match tops both at the same depth - one a little heavy then the other the lighter rig was 2lb hooklength with a 18 fine wire match hook and the other with 16 fine wire hook with 4lb hooklength. Started off on the heavy rig just in case - sometimes you get the odd carp take a very small bait but nothing. So on to the lightweight rig - started off catching small skimmers and roach with an odd better roach or rudd now and again. Stuck with this all day as I was looking for a match weight of around 3 to 4 lbs to get me up in the points. In the last half hour of the match done in my light rig in the weed - not surprised really as I got caught up in it most of the day. the rig was not salvageable so on to my second heavier rig. The bites slowed right down then out the blue a small tench of a 1lb or so to finish the day. I weighed in 5lb 4oz for 5th place.

Well done to the framers 1st Martin Adams with 17lbs 14oz, 2nd Peter Green with 14lbs 6oz, 3rd Fred Hunt with 10lbs 11oz, 4th Ken Farnell with 7lbs 5oz and 5th Phil Whitmill 5lbs 4oz. Pic is Fred Hunt on peg 3.

Abbey Cross won with 90 points to Bishop's Stortford's 58

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