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Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Malcolm Barker Lake

Wednesday Club

1st Terry Moranda 2lbs
2nd Phil Whitmill 1lb 4oz
3rd Peter Green 12oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all , the Weds club fished our club lake at Malcolm Barker. With a frost and gusting conditions we knew it was going to be hard. I drew down the windy part of the lake peg 10 much to the dismay of Fred as it's his favourite peg. I made two lines for the pole and picked out a spot for the feeder. Started off poting in a little maggot and hemp with a small amount of micro pellet. My rigs were 2grm floats with 0.10 =2lbs hook lengths size 20 match hook and a 18 match hook. Started off on the feeder for 30 mins to let the feed work but I didn't get any indications on the feeder so onto my pole lines. Started off on single red maggot on my 20 hook - fished for a couple hours and nothing. It was very hard to get any sort of presentation but perseverance pays off. Switched over to two pinkies and at 1 pm got my first roach of about 1oz. My first thoughts were I have saved a blank; went on fishing with pinkies for the rest of the match and weighed in with 1lb 4oz biggest roach was 5oz not too bad.

1st place with 2lbs Terry Moranda, 2nd Phil Whitmill with 1lb 4oz and 3rd Peter Green with 12oz

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