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Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Malcolm Barker Lake

Winter League match

1st David Jones 5lbs 6oz
2nd Steve Foster 5lbs 3oz
Jt 3rd Phil Whitmill 2lbs 5oz
Jt 3rd Jeff Pearson 2lbs 5oz

Winter League match
Winter League match

Phil's day

Hi all, I am glad we didn't start our day yesterday with this kind of morning. We fished our first of 6 matches in our winter league at the Malcolm Barker Lake. Rhe weather was kind and with odd spells of sun it made it pleasant. I drew peg 27 which has not been fishable for the best part of the year because of weed problems. I got to my peg and it looked clear of weed so got myself set up only to find it was quite bad still - so back to the car and got my weed rake out and begun to clear a spot where I could fish. This took up most of my setting up time but had to be done. The fishing started off very slow and got worse as the day went on I did manage to put a few in the net so at least I would have some points at the end of the day.

In first place Dave Jones with 5lbs 6oz, 2nd Steve Foster with 5lbs 3oz, joint 3rd was Phil Whitmill and Jeff Pearson with 2lbs 5oz each , and as you can tell most pegs just didn't fish but there is always another day, well done to all.

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