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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Malcolm Barker Lake

Wednesday Club

1st Terry Moranda 6lbs 10oz
2nd Fred Hunt 6lbs 3oz
3rd John Todd 5lbs 9oz
4th Tony Cruci 4lbs 12oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all, fished the Weds club match at Malcolm Barker Lake this week. The weather has to be one of the wettest days that I can remember for a long while. Drew peg 21 it was known as one of the best pegs but not this year where it has produced only average weights. Made up two pole lines with a feeder rod as backup: one rig at 8 meters and the other at 12 meters in case the fish back off which they are for on this lake. I fed both lines with small amounts of pellets and maggots not wanting to overdo it and kill the swim. Started to catch the odd roach and skimmer but they were small; but they were bites and, to be honest, knowing how hard it can be at Malcolm Barker I was grateful. Ended my day with a very wet 3lbs 13oz for 7th place.

Well done to the framers 1st Terry Moranda 6lbs 10oz, 2nd Fred Hunt 6lbs 3oz, 3rd John Todd with 5lbs 9oz and 4th was Tony Cruci with 4lbs 12oz.

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