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Sunday, 27 February 2022

River Stort (Abbey Cross bank)

Club match

Match abandoned due to lack of fish and far too many canoes

Cup winners Phil Whitmill and Jeff Pearson (4oz and 1 1/2 points from round 1)

Club match
Club match

Gary's day

After the 1st round hopes were not high for today's match but 7 hardy (foolish?) souls arrived to try our best. Out of the draw bag came peg 17 for me - smack in the middle of the length so hopefully no sprint start practice groups today! Famous last words.

I started feeding very carefully with a little bread crumb and fishing punch in ever decreasing sizes - when I hit 3mm without a sign of a bite things were not looking good. After an hour and a bit of nothing a very nice lady paddled down the River to let us all know they were about to hold a canoe race - my heart sank as the words sunk in. At that point there was quite a lot of walking along the bank and it became clear noone had had any signs of fish in the first 90 minutes. As the race got under way and canoes came past we decided to call it a day - match abandoned.

Well done to Phil and Jeff who took joint 1st based on the first leg.
Today's photo - Peg 17 fishy looking but no fish

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