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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

River Stort Backwater

Wednesday Club

1st Tony Parker 2lbs 9oz
2nd Phil Whitmill 1lb 14oz
Jt 3rd Fred Hunt 1lb 10oz
Jt 3rd Barry Cornel 1lb 10oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Morning all, fished the Weds match on the River Stort Backwater stretch. First job was to find 10 fishable pegs that were not weeded out - it was not easy but anyway managed it. Drew peg 6 - normally a good peg.
Only 2 lines to choose from: one down the middle track; and over by the barge at 10 meters. I fed red mags by the barge and bread crumb with a small amount of maggot down the middle. Started on my punch and crumb line first as this is the favourite for most of my catch. Started picking off the odd roach throughout the rest of the day and, when it got slow, went over to the barge trying to pick off the odd perch. I managed one for about half a pound and a pike which doesn't count in our matches. I finished the day with 1lb 14oz for 2nd place

1st Tony Parker with 2lbs 9oz, 2nd Phil Whitmill 1lb 14oz and joint 3rd was Fred Hunt and Barry Cornel with 1lb 10oz each

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