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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

River Stort Backwater

Wednesday Club

1st Steve Foster 9lbs 2oz
2nd Fred Hunt 4lbs 15oz
3rd Phil Whitmill 3lbs 1oz
4th Jeff Pearson 2lbs 9oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all, the Weds club fished the Backwater of the River Stort in round 3 of our winter league. It was a good turn out and it was mild and dry. I drew peg 1 and must admit to being a little glum as pegs 1 and 2 have not produced any weights over the last 3 years that's how long they have been bad pegs but, as I have said before, you just got to get on with it. Made 3 pole lines up: 1 over by the barge; 1 down the middle track; and 1 by another barge by my right hand side. I started off down the middle of the track with bread punch and a little breadcrumb - this produced half decent fish straight away so rule of thumb says stay with it 'til it fishes out. By midday it had dried up so on to maggot over by the barge across from me and got a few small ones from there and then tried down by the barge on my right side but didn't get a bite. Back down the middle for a few more small fish - roach and dace - and I ended my day with 3lbs 1oz for 3rd place.

1st place with a very large bag of perch and nothing else was Steve Foster with 9lbs 2oz, 2nd Fred Hunt with a mixed bag of fish for 4lbs 15oz, 3rd Phil Whitmill with 3lbs 1oz and 4th Jeff Pearson with 2lbs 9oz. Today's pic is Peter Green and Barry Cornel.

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