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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

South End Farm

Club match

1st Jeff Pearson 22lbs 5oz
2nd Tony Cruci 21lbs 8oz

1st Mark Halverson 25lbs 10oz
2nd Dave Fuller 12lbs 9oz

Club match
Club match

Phil's day

Hi all, fished the Weds match at South End Farm. We held a silvers only match and a carp match - not a lot of money involved but it made it interesting as most opted for the silvers match. I drew peg 15 didn't know much about the peg but I knew I was in the right area. Made up two pole lines at 10 meters and a margin line. Today was going to be all pellet as I had left my sweetcorn on my kitchen work top along with my sandwiches blast and damn it. The weather, although dry, was very cold and overcast and by 1ish I was starting to shiver a little. Cupped in 4mm pellet and a little groundbait on all my lines and within 15 minutes got a decent skimmer and when that dried up. Moved on to my second line then on to my margin. I ended the day with 11lbs 2oz for 4th in the silvers match

1st place in the silvers was Jeff Pearson with 22lbs 5oz and 2nd Tony Cruci with 21lbs 8oz

In the carp match 1st Mark Halverson with 25lbs 10oz and 2nd Dave Fuller with 12lbs 9oz

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