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Wednesday, 23 March 2022

South End Farm

Wednesday Club

1st Phil Whitmill 23lbs 6oz
2nd Fred Hunt 15lbs 12oz
3rd Jeff Pearson 14lbs 4oz
4th Tony Cruci 7lb

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Good day to all, the Weds Club fished Southend Farm's Damson Lake with MBL being closed. I drew peg 11 which I had fished many years ago and did OK from it so I had some hope. I made up two pole lines from what I could remember - 1 line at 10 meters and 2nd line in the margin. I cupped in micro pellet mixed with a bit of corn and red maggots and 6 mm pellet in the margin, I fished a difficult first 1 and half hours - Toddy next to me had lost his car keys and, between his paddling in the water and scrapping the swim, it was getting to me. Eventually he found them in the inner lining of his bib and brace (crazy). I put some more micro pellets in and went over the area and within a few minutes the float has gone under and a 15lb 11oz carp was in the net for my efforts. Had a couple more bites but looked like just a lucky fish.
Started fishing my margins and got a roach straight away of a 1lb mark so carried on in my margin and produced some good perch with the odd roach but much smaller then my first one. As the afternoon went on I started to pick up good skimmers about of half a pound or so went on to win the match with 23lbs 6oz.

First Phil Whitmill 23lbs 6oz, 2nd Fred Hunt with 15lbs 12oz, 3rd Jeff Pearson with 14lbs 4oz and 4th Tony Cruci with 7lb well done to all. Cover pic is John Todd looking for his keys.

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