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Wednesday, 3 April 2024

Taylor's Lake (Abbey Cross water)

Interclub (Abbey Cross)

Bishop's Stortford won the match with 68 points to Abbey Cross 36 points

1st Rob Calderón 23lbs 5oz
2nd Fred Hunt 21lbs 5oz
3rd Martin Adams 13lbs 2oz
4th Bill Beeston 12lbs 15oz

Interclub (Abbey Cross)
Interclub (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Good morning to all. The Weds club fished against Abbey Cross on their lake for our monthly interclub. The weather wasn't too bad apart from the odd downpour and high winds. I drew peg 44 it's a peg that can throw up the odd good weight - you might not win from there but you could easily frame from there. Made up two pole lines and a feeder spot just off some lily pads. I fed micro pellets and a small ball of groundbait with red maggots. Started off with absolutely no response from anything this lasted till 11.30 when I got a good F1 about 5lb. I thought they were ready to feed but no - went on for the whole of my lunch and still nothing tried the feeder but it was so windy by this time I couldn't cast to where I wanted so gave up on that idea. Back to the pole with a lot more effort to hold the pole still then had a bite - it was a skimmer of 14oz then 15 mins later got myself into my second and last F1 for another 5lb.

First Rob Calderón with 23lbs 5oz, 2nd Fred Hunt with 21lbs 5oz, 3rd Martin Adams with 13lbs 2oz and 4th Bill Beeston 12lbs 15oz. Bishop's Stortford won the match with 68 points to Abbey Cross 36 points. Well done to all the team. Pic is my peg - it's good to see some colour on the trees.

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