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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Taylor's Lake (Abbey Cross water)

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Abbey Cross win with 99 points to Bishop's Stortford's 74

1st Martin Adams 10lbs 6oz
2nd Barry Cornel 10lbs 5oz
3rd Peter Green 9lbs 9oz
4th Tony Parker 8lbs 15oz
5th Alan Sims 6lbs 15oz

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)
Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Hi all, well it's been a month since our last interclub with Abbey Cross with this one being on Taylor's. We knew it was going to be hard what with the cold rain and all. I drew peg 50 not a good area but that's the luck of the draw. Got to my peg and decided that two pole lines were called for; one at 14 meters to the pads and one at 8 meters this one was for silver fish and the other with heavy line and bigger hook size for the carp. Started off on the short line on maggots and pellet catching the odd roach and perch throughput the morning then over to my long line in the afternoon - this was none productive. I tried 4 and 6 mm pellet and corn then about 2ish I thought I needed a cup of tea, as I went to pick up the flask the pole bent round and my one opportunity broke my hooklength. I weighed in 1lb 9oz - it's a improvement on my last two matches,

1st Martin Adams with 10lbs 6oz, 2nd Barry Cornel with 10lbs 5oz, 3rd Peter Green 9lbs 9oz, 4th Tony Parker 8lbs 15oz and 5th Alan Sims 6lbs 15oz. Abbey Cross win with 99 points to Bishop's Stortford's 74

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