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A Happy New Year to all

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

If you are itching to try out some of your Christmas gifts all the Club waters are open

River Stort - it has a bit of flow and colour so should be good for those looking for pike/perch.

Hall Farm - the fish are still feeding. It might be a bit slow to start with, however, be careful with the feeding and they will arrive. F1s, carp and some good silvers showing.

Hall Farm large lake December 2022
Hall Farm large lake December 2022

Beggars - you will need a bit of patience but the carp are still feeding (along with the odd bream).

Beggars Hall lake December 2022
Beggars Hall lake December 2022

MBL - the trickiest of the bunch and it could be very hit and miss but don't forget it has a few pretty good sized pike in it and the weed has now mostly died back.

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