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Malcolm Barker Lake update

Hi All Unfortunately we still have to keep the lake closed as fish mortalities are still occurring on a daily basis. To date we have lost at least: 41 Tench, 13 Bream, 13 Carp and 3 Pike. On the 21st Feb we managed to net a Tench, Bream & Carp that were "on their last fins" and pass them to the EA for analysis along with a water sample. Initial results from the EA labs indicate that the 3 fish were all emaciated (which indicates insufficient food in the lake) and from the water sample they detected "Golden Algae" which can cause fish to haemorrhage. As soon as I receive the final report from the EA I will let you all know what we intend to do. Thank you again for your understanding during this time. On a good note, the lakes at Hall Farm and Beggars Hall are in good condition and fish are being caught. Best Regards Robin Merritt - Honorary Secretary

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