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Malcolm Barker update

Updated: Jul 30, 2022


Further to my previous email/post regarding the fish deaths at MBL, I can now confirm that the problem was "Golden Algae" which affects the fishes' gills. Unfortunately weaker, sick or stressed fish are prone to die from this problem. I happy to say that the worst seems to over and that there hasn't been any new fish deaths for a couple of weeks now.

Members of the Committee fished the lake on Thursday 21st April and carp, tench, skimmer bream, roach & rudd were all caught and in excellent condition.

We have therefore decided to re-open the lake on Sunday 1st May at 9am.

Thank you all for you understanding during this difficult time and now we can hopefully enjoy the Lake again.

One final point - the Committee have taken the decision to ban keepnets for pleasure angling at Malcolm Barker Lake. Keepnets can be used on our other waters but we ask that you avoid using them if you can as this is a high risk way of spreading a disease.

Thank you again for your patience.

Best regards

Robin Merritt - Honorary Secretary - BSDAS

- Bishops Stortford & District Angling Society

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