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What have the Work Party been up to recently?

A key part of the Club is the weekly work party that meets up each Thursday (when not too wet or cold) to put in the background work that keeps the Club's fisheries in shape.

The last few weeks has seen them moving mountains of soil and decades of temporary repairs along the River Stort backwater with a big refresh of the pegs. They are now on the last hurdle with just Peg 18 towards the weir to tackle - this is going to need some major work so please do not use peg 18 for the moment as the banking there is very steep.

As ever, volunteers are always welcome as there is always a job to be done with plenty to fit your level of fitness or DIYing. Please contact Steve Foster 01279 504663.

A big thank you to all involved - and here are a few photos of what you will now see along the Backwater come 16 June when the rivers re-open.

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I took a walk along the stretch of the river alongside MBL and the work done there to create these swims is brilliant, will certainly make the experience of fishing there so much better. Well done all involved.


Well done. Sorry my angina prevents me from helping.

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