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You can now recycle your old line @ MBL

Ever wonder what to do with your old line and empty new line spool?

Don't assume it will get recycled if you place line in your usual Council recycling bin as most companies do not process it so it just goes to landfill (where it can be hazard to wildlife) or will be burnt - but we now have you covered.

Next time you are at the Malcolm Barker Lake you might see a funny looking bit of plastic pipe - this is the new line/spool recycling bin we have installed. The bin is located on the entrance gate post.

Please pop your old line in here and we will then arrange for it to be sent to the Angler's National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS)

Also, Rib Valley Angling have a collection point if that is more convenient for you.


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shudder to think what people will be popping in there.

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