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Match/competition rules

1.            Pegged competitions shall be fished from numbered stakes tallying with the positions drawn by the competitors from the Match organiser.

2.            All fees, money pools etc are to be paid at the time of entry to the match organiser.

3.            Alternate tackle can be made up and laid on the bank away from the waters edge.  Only one rod, line and single hook may be used.

4.            Fishing is “all in” except water where size limits are still required by the authorities.

5.            Pike, game fish and crustaceans are not weighed in except for competitions for the same.

6.            Any competitor leaving his/her swim shall remove their tackle from the water or face immediate disqualification.

7.            In the case of non pegged or roving matches keep to a minimum of 10 metres from fellow anglers.

8.            Water is not to be broken prior to the starting whistle other than to wet groundbait, clear the swim of weed and obstructions, plumbing the depth and positioning of the keep net.

9.            Floating baits only allowed on hook, no floating loose feed allowed.

10.         Irrespective of Club rules, commercial fishery rules must take precedent including bait rules and bans.

11.         In all instances silver fish should be retained in separate net from carp.

12.         More than two nets may be required for carp retention depending upon fishery rules regards weight and/or number of fish per net.  [Guidance note – a 50lb net limit is usual and it is likely you will need at least 2 carp nets for matches on Hall Farm or Beggars Hall when they fish well.]

13.         In all instances anglers must dip/wash nets where facilities are available, prior to fishing.

14.         Any silver fish accidentally placed in carp nets will not be weighed in and must be removed prior to arrival of scales person. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

15.         On match day the Match Secretary reserves the right to change, alter or amend any agreed rules that may be deemed necessary at the time, provided all competitors are informed before commencement of the match.

16.         Anglers must book match/s in advance with Match Secretary. Anglers arriving on day of match without prior notification may be turned away.

17.         Start and finishing match times are - summer 10am until 4pm, winter 10am until 3pm unless otherwise advised on the day.

18.         All anglers fishing Club matches must be Club members.

19.         No artificial baits allowed.

20.         No pole fishing allowed without a float. No Bubble floats or Polyballs.

21.         No feeding with a pole pot whilst another line is in the water.

22.         All matches fished over two legs are won on points not weight.

Please also see here re keepnet use

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