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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Beggars Hall

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Abbey Cross won with 75 points to Stortford's 90 points

1st Peter Green 14lbs
2nd Sam Robinson 11lbs 14oz
3rd Fred Hunt 9lsb 2oz
4th Alan Sims 8lbs 9oz

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)
Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Hi all, did our 2nd interclub against Abbey Cross and it was at Beggars Hall lake. The weather was bloody cold with the threat of rain at anytime. I drew peg 7, not a bad peg and has done quite well at times. Only set up one pole line at 7 sections hoping for the odd silver fish but most of the day was on the feeder. Started off cupping in some red maggot and micro pellet on my pole line. I made up the feeder with a hair rig for wafters as I was going to give it my all on this today. Gave the feeder a good try but nothing - not a touch so onto my pole line and that was just as bad. Didn't get a bite on any thing so I went as light as possible on the pole and this got me a small perch so I had a fish in the net. After a couple of downpours the sun came out. It was about 3ish and I thought put the feeder out again this time lighter rig and 3 red maggots while I pack the pole away in readiness for me to do the weigh in. At 10 past 3 the feeder rapped round at last something proper to weigh in it was a 8lb 2oz common carp phew that was my last fish before the end. Weighed in 8lbs 3oz for 5th overall.

1st Peter Green with 14lbs, 2nd Sam Robinson with 11lbs 14oz, 3rd Fred Hunt with 9lbs 2oz, 4th Alan Sims with 8lbs 9oz. Stortford lost by 90 points to Abbey Cross's 75 points.

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