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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Beggars Hall

Wednesday Club

1st Mark Halverson 45lb 11oz
2nd Peter Green 37lb 4oz
3rd Jeff Pearson 27lb 8oz
4th Terry Moranda 22lb 3oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi to everyone, fished Beggars Hall on the Weds match. With the forecast on the weather being a bad day rain wise I wanted to draw with the wind on my back; no chance drew peg 5 with the wind in my face. It's not a bad peg but has not fished any good for the most of winter. Made two pole lines and the method feeder for distance work. I kicked things off cupping in some mags and micro pellet at 10 meters and a corn line in one margin and bread and mags on the other side. Started off on the feeder and after 2 hours with nothing gave up on that so tried my pole lines. Had nothing at 10 meters so I went down the margin on the corn but nothing so onto my bread line. Had a few roach but nothing else so back on the feeder and still nothing. So with only a hour left I decided to fish for the roach in the hopes a carp came my way. Finished the day with 2lb of roach and thanks for coming at least the rain held off all day and managed to do the whole weigh in in the dry

1st was Mark Halverson with 45lb 11oz peg 16, 2nd Peter Green with 37lb 4oz peg 3, 3rd Jeff Pearson 27lb 8oz peg 7 and 4th Terry Moranda with 22lb 3oz peg 18 well done to all. Photo my peg for the day.

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