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Sunday, 25 September 2022

Beggars Hall

Club match/outing

1st John Todd 41lbs
2nd David Jones 40lbs 2oz
3rd Gary Pickard 31lbs 15oz

Winner of Malcolm Barker Rose Bowl TBC

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Gary's day

We were back to Beggars Hall today for the second leg of the Malcolm Barker Rose Bowl. Autumn was well and truly with us and it was a chilly start - it was a while before the coat came off. At the draw bag there were 2 left when it was my turn - pegs 18 and 20 and the fingers were crossed for 18. It was not to be so off to 20. 20 is still a pretty good peg but can drive you mad as you see fish cruising along the far side on the other side of the power lines.

Up went the pole with rigs for the edges and the lilies along with feeder and bomb rods. After a couple of hours first trying for a quick carp near the lilies and then trying the bomb and pellet line I had been feeding from the off I had nothing to show. Not even a liner to give some encouragement. It was time for a catch anything approach and I dug out a small cage feeder and tried a bit of worm. Half a dozen small perch later at least I had not blanked but I was going nowhere. Along the bank Phil had a carp and some bits off peg 19 and David had a carp and a bream on 18.

With the long lines being a waste of time it was time to try closer in - another hour and a bit later and I was still biteless on the pole. Not even a float wobble in the edges. Then I spotted a carp roll towards the middle with an hour to go so picked up the feeder rod and cast roughly where it had been. Finally a bite and, after a gentle bit of playing, I had 1 in the net! After that it was like a switch had been flicked and I had 4 more but getting smaller and with bigger gaps. At the whistle I had just over 31lbs for 3rd.

1st John Todd 41lbs with 4 big carp and a few silvers, 2nd David Jones 40lbs 2oz including a bream of 4lbs 4oz and 3rd Gary Pickard 31lbs 15oz

Today's photo is Mark with the 3 that did not get away.

Winner of the Malcolm Barker Rose Bowl is TBC

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