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Sunday, 1 August 2021

Beggars Hall

Club match

1st Gary Pickard 67lbs 8oz
2nd Jeff Pearson 46lbs 7oz
3rd Peter Green 45lbs 12oz

Club match
Club match

Gary's day

It was a day that seems to be typical for this summer - feeling more like autumn with a regular sprinkling of rain as the day went along. I pulled out peg 20 so was hoping for a good days fishing. 2 hours in and no bites the plan was not going well - not a sign near the lilies where I thought they would be queueing up. Finally I managed to pick up a carp on the pellet waggler in the middle after feeding the line from the start. The peg slowly started to come to life as the afternoon progressed and, by being patient on the feeder, I managed to put a few fish together ending up with 11 carp for 67lbs.

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