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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Beggars Hall

Wednesday Club

1st Ray Gibson 49lbs 11oz
2nd Steve Foster 31lbs 1oz
3rd Dave Fuller 17lbs 1oz
4th Phil Whitmill 13lbs 11oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all, fished Beggers Hall for the Weds match. The weather looked reasonable the rain was going to hold off till late afternoon so all we needed was the fish to cooperate. Made up my mind it was going to be a feeder rod day so I put two rods together: one light to medium; and one heavy to cover my bases. Started off on my medium rod with 0.13 hook length and a 18 hook with double red maggots in the hopes of getting a bite from something but nothing, not a jot. Tried 3 types of bait and 4 different areas but nothing. The time is now 2 pm and I had almost given up hope of catching so I decided to slowly packup in readiness for me to do the weigh in. Got to 2.30 pm and I saw a small movement on my feeder - it was slow and deliberate, however, as it was the only indications I had had all day, I struck. It went solid and then slowly moved off so I played it gently till it woke up then the scrap was on. I eventually landed it to save my day again 1 fish 1 bite it weighed 13lbs 11oz which placed me 4th.

1st Ray Gibson with an outstanding 49lbs 11oz, 2nd Steve Foster with a good weight of 31lbs 1oz, 3rd Dave Fuller with 17lbs 1oz and 4th Phil Whitmill with 13lbs 11oz and to cap it all off the rain held off until we drove off brill.

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