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Saturday, 27 August 2022

Hall Farm Large Lake

Charity match (Grove Cottage)

1st Roger Phillips 67lbs 7oz
2nd Jeff Pearson 44lbs 4oz
3rd Peter Green 30lbs 8oz
4th Ken Rolfe 28lbs 5oz

Charity match (Grove Cottage)
Charity match (Grove Cottage)

Gary's day

After a week away it was time to dust off the fishing tackle for a trip to Hall Farm. After a wet week and with a few people on the match we were all wondering how it would fish. Out of the draw bag came peg 22 for me - another grandstand view of pegs 2 and 3! It did though have a lovely bit of shade on what turned out quite a warm day.

It was one of those days where the fish were high in the water and cruising all over but doing a very good job of just staying out of pole range and, when they came a bit closer, completely ignoring anything you dropped in front of them. It turned into a day of 3 parts: a couple of quick fish on paste; then a long slog though the middle with a few silvers; and a final flurry of a few more F1s and carp down the edge. But it was all too little too late with my 28lbs 12oz being pushed into 5th

1st Roger Phillips 67lbs 7oz, 2nd Jeff Pearson 44lbs 4oz, 3rd Peter Green 30lbs 8oz and 4th Ken Rolfe 28lbs 5oz.

A big thank you to all - we raised £156 for Grove Cottage.

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