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Sunday, 13 February 2022

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match

1st John Todd 26lbs 11oz
2nd Mark Halverson 16lbs 9oz
3rd Phil Whitmill 6lbs 14oz
4th Tony Cruci 3lbs 12oz

Club match
Club match

Gary's day

For once the weather forecast was spot on - very windy and rain at 1pm . It was supposed to be 7C but felt a lot colder in the wind. Peg 11 was my home for the day - completely the wrong end of the lake as the cold wind was blowing into this end and it is very deep - 12ft on a top 4. With the depth and strong wind it was going to be a day on the tip. Finally at 11 the tip went round and a chunky F1 was in the net. I thought the fish were finally on the feed, unfortunately that was it though for me and I could not buy another bite. At the other end of the lake things were going a little bit better with John on Peg 2 working his way clear of the pack although Mark on Peg 6 had a couple of late fish. With the wind and rain non-stop since 1pm those of us left agreed to pack up 30 mins early - an early finish is pretty much unheard of so that gives you an idea how cold we were all getting.

1st John Todd 26lbs 11oz, 2nd Mark Halverson 16lbs 9oz, 3rd Phil Whitmill 6lbs 14oz and 4th Tony Cruci 3lbs 12oz.

Today's photo has Mark and Jeff having a pre-match chat with Phil with Tony busy setting up.

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