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Sunday, 4 July 2021

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match

1st Gary Pickard 75lbs 3oz
2nd Mark Halverson 64lbs 14oz
3rd Perter Green 63lbs 9oz

Club match
Club match

Gary's day

It was a not so summery day with a rainy start and struggling to get above 18c or so. Thankfully the fish did not seem too bothered - just us anglers. I pulled peg 5 - a middling peg in the middle of the lake. The beauty though of Hall Farm is that it is a pretty fair venue and you have a decent chance from lots of pegs. I had a great start on the feeder picking up a couple within minutes before the line switched off. On to Plan B. A quick try down the margins saw a few signs but it was just too early so it was time for something else. A try out long on pole did not work but pushing out a bit further on the waggler finally saw a few fish heading my way. And then it was time to try the margins again and this time there were a few fish there.

The lake fished pretty well and I ended up with 75lbs with a couple of 60s - there were only a few fish in it as some of the F1s and carp here are getting pretty chunky now.

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