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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Hall Farm Large Lake

Wednesday Club

1st Tony Cruci 62lbs 4oz
2nd Tony Parker 50lbs 11oz
3rd Peter Green 49lbs 12oz
4th Jeff Pearson 41lbs 8oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all I fished the Weds club match at Hall Farm it was our 4th round in the summer league. I drew peg 22, its a. ok peg but you have got to work hard for your fish. I made up 3 lines on the pole; 1 at 8 meters and one each side of the margins. I also made up a pellet wag and a feeder just in case. Fed my pole lines with a bit of dead red maggots and 4&6 mm pellet. Started off on the pellet wag with not much luck, I stuck with this for over 1 1/2 hours with no response so on to my 8 meter line with no luck. So down the margin to my right not even a silvers bite. So after a decent amount of time onto my left margin and had a couple of half bites so persistent pays off and got my first carp about 2lbs. Fished this margin for a good amount of time before it died a death so back to my right side and caught carp but kept loosing them. After about 8 lost fish and a few alterations to the rig I landed a couple then the weather kicked in with a downpour so up with the brolly and off went the fish. I picked off the odd one before the end of the match to weigh in 37lbs 11oz

1st Tony Cruci with 62lbs 4oz, 2nd Tony Parker with 50lbs 11oz, 3rd Peter Green with 49lbs 12oz, 4th Jeff Pearson with 41lbs 8oz. The photo is Tony Cruci on the flyer

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