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Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Hall Farm Large Lake

Winter League match

1st Phil Whitmill 36lbs 2oz
2nd Gary Pickard 16lbs 9oz
3rd Steve Foster 12lbs 1oz
4th Dave Jones 10lbs 15oz

Winter League match
Winter League match

Phil's day

Hi to all, the Weds club had its match at Hall Farm large lake. It was going to be a very good day as far as the weather was concerned. I drew peg 26, phew bit of luck, it's been a good peg through the year so had some hopes that it will still produce. Made up two lines for the pole 1 at 13 meters the other in the margin. Cupped in some groundbait and red maggots and on my long line pellet and corn, but the feeder was going to be my main method with a cage feeder and double maggot on the hook.. I fished the feeder for the first hour but nothing so onto my margin line with the pole. It was very difficult to see the float because of the light patterns from the trees but, after about 5 mins of moving it about so I could see it, the float went under and got my first carp. Stayed with this line for another hour and nothing so on to my long line and still nothing. With only a couple of hours to go I went back to the feeder and within 20 mins got another carp this carried on for the rest of the match for a good weight of 36lbs 2oz. Many thanks to Gary for helping with the weigh in.

The pic is peg 26. 1st Phil Whitmill with 36lbs 2oz, 2nd Gary Pickard with 16lbs 9oz, 3rd Steve Foster with 12lbs 1oz, 4th Dave Jones with 10lbs 15oz , with it being the 5th round of the winter league I needed this win.

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