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Sunday, 20 March 2022

Home Farm small lake

Knock up

1st Gary Pickard 38lbs 14oz
2nd David Jones 37lbs 9oz
3rd Phil Whitmill 28lbs 3oz

Knock up
Knock up

Gary's day

Today was a small, knock up match that Tony organized at Home Farm (thanks Tony). After weeks of wet and miserable weather this weekend was sunny at last - although a bit blowy. I also managed to draw a new peg today after 3 matches on the bounce on the same one - peg 1 for me today (the draw bag arm is holding out). After getting pestered by small roach on the last visit a few weeks back, today was going to be all about hard pellets - the roach didn't get the memo though and were on the 6mm hard pellets like piranha. But at least it sorted out some better roach and we all had some quality roach and rudd of 8oz+.
I had a great start on the long pole holding on against the gusts but then all I could get were roach and then Tony and Mark had a couple of fish (they were in the middle of the lake) followed by Phil and Dave at the other end and things were getting closer. By the end of the match it was very close with Dave having a last gasp carp on the whistle and a fish or 2 lost during the day making all the difference.

1st Gary Pickard 38lbs 14oz, 2nd David Jones 37lbs 9oz (I said it was close) and 3rd Phil Whitmill 28lbs 3oz
Today's photo has Tony weighing in Dave's carp net (you might just make out the 31lbs and change so it was all down to Dave's silvers net)

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