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Sunday, 6 February 2022

River Stort (Abbey Cross bank)

Club match

Jt 1st Jeff Pearson 0lbs 4oz
Jt 1st Phil Whitmill 0lbs 4oz
Jt 3rd Fred Hunt 0lbs 2oz
Jt 3rd Mark Halverson 0lbs 2oz

Club match
Club match

Gary's day

8 of us fished today's first leg of the Stort Cup on Abbey Cross's bank of the Stort just below the Backwater's exit (and canoe club - more later)

It was a wet start but it was a short walk for me to peg 7 and one of the end pegs - hopes were high. Sadly that is all they remained. The Stort fished very hard despite a bit of colour and some flow. Once the Sunday morning canoeists had finished paddling up and down (and practicing their sprint starts just below me) and the sun broke through the clouds it was a lovely, mild winters day - which was good as I managed to leave my fleece at home. The fish though did not play ball and I ended up in the half of the field that ended biteless and fishless. Well done to those that managed to eak out a few bites. Jeff (the bream whisperer) Pearson managed a small skimmer with the rest of the fish caught being very small roach. Roll on spring.

Jt 1st Jeff Pearson and Phil Whitmill 4 oz and Jt 3rd Fred Hunt and Mark Halverson 2 oz

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