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Angling Trust raffle time again

As you might have spotted the Club is a member of the Angling Trust as it offers us access to a wide range of services. Membership is open to individuals too and, as well as helping fund a body that really does having angling interests at its heart, gives you access to various shopping and other discounts.

One of their main fundraisers is their prize draw where you can win a day's coaching with some of angling's top names. This year days out are on offer from:

  • Matt Godfrey and Frankie Gianoncelli - match fishing legneds in the making

  • John Bailey - BBC’s ‘Gone Fishing’ series

  • Ali Hamidi - need i say more

  • John Locker - YouTube's ‘The Fish Locker’

  • Hywel Morgan - for those hidden fly anglers in our midst

  • Neville Fickling - another legend

Lots more info here:

Ticket purchases close Sunday 25 Feb

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